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Vedik AstrologyAn ancient subject from the time of Veda and Upanishada, Vedic Astrology has travelled a long path to reach and transform into today’s version. In ancient times, people used to calculate the movements of the planets and stars manually, by hand, to forecast about future events to come. It was a long time taking process and chances of occurring mistakes were very much there. But, now-a-days, we, computer savvy astrologers, are equipped with state-of-the-art computers and accurate astrology software to calculate very minute calculations instantly without leaving any chance of mistake to happen in the calculation part.

Today, a detailed chart of an individual can now be prepared by the strokes of a few keys on our desktop or laptop computers. Work load of an astrologer has reduced a lot and it is helpful for us to devote ample amount of time and focus more on prediction part of an individual’s horoscope. Different types of important divisional charts are also become very handy to put deep insight into several important issues of the life of a person. To interpret an event of a person’s life, ongoing and forthcoming Dasha period is a very important tool for an astrologer.

Dasha period comes in five folds, namely, Main period (MahaDasha), Sub period (AntarDasha), Sub-sub period (Pratyantar Dasha), Sookshma Dasha and Praan Dasha. The first three phases of Dasha is available in any of the astrology softwares. Advanced astrological softwares do provide all the five phases of Dasha sequence helping astrologers to see very small period of time to determine a conclusion about anything crucial about life. If someone is unaware about his or her exact date and accurate time of birth then casting a question chart can provide satisfactory answers of queries of that person. To begin some business activity or starting construction of a house, picking up the right ‘Muhurat’ becomes very important.

Vedic astrology helps one accurately to pick an appropriate time to go for any important work. There are particular ‘Muhurat’ for every occasion of our life like, Naamkaran (name giving ceremony), Annaprasan (first rice eating ceremony), Beginning of education, Upanayan (Thread ceremony for Brahmins), Engagement ceremony, Marriage, Foundation stone laying ceremony, Business activities starting, Buying of a vehicle and many more important events like this. Another most important segment of Vedic Astrology is about remedial measures. There are several remedies that are widely advised by the Astrologers to bypass or reduce or subside the negative effects of any particular planet or ongoing Dasha Period. Puja, Daan, Chanting of Mantras, wearing stones or rudrakshas, worshipping Yantras, and many more types of remedies are there which are helpful and time tested to give assertive results to a person suffering adverse situation in his or her personal, professional or financial life.

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