Vastu For Office: Best tips for success and prosperity at work

Vastu For Office

In this modern era, a lot of importance given to choosing your workplace and its environment as it entails a lot of interesting out of the box ideas and work concepts like teamwork, creativity, thoughts, ideas,

mindfulness, innovation, process, business, assistance, effort, partnership, unity, synergy, harmony, internet, solutions, information, alliance, leadership, brainstorming, socializing, togetherness, success, symbol, development, coalition, technology, marketing, and networking.

All these things are to taken care of and must be in alignment with the direction and zones prescribed by Vaastu to be able to reap the fruits of your hard work at your Vastu office or workplace.

By following the below-mentioned tips of Vaastu, you can achieve success in your business by keeping in mind the fundamental principles of space, design, and layout of your workplace.

You must strike a balance between the five elements surrounding us.

  1. Always choose Shermukhi land, plot, or shop for your Vastu  office, factory or any other commercial place.

2. Avoid the Gaumukhi plot for this work. Shermukhi plots are broader from the entrance and narrow at the end.

3. The best Vastu  office buildings are said to be facing north, northeast or northwest zone or direction as this is the direction which brings Shri Laxmi, good luck and positive energy.

4. Front door or entrance of your office space is best to face Eshaan Kon (east or north direction). You must avoid having heavy objects, which can create obstacles, at the main entrance/gate.

5. Reception of your office, where you receive or welcome your business associates, must be situated in the north east zone or east direction of your Vastu office.

6. “Brahma Sthan” or “Central Part” of the office premises should be empty.

7. The head of the office should make his seating arrangement in the south west direction so that his or her face is towards the north direction.

Avoid mirrors, glass surface or any reflecting object, including temples and idols, behind the owner’s back.

His work station should be rectangular or square in shape. Avoid L and oval-shaped work station or desk.

Subordinates, working under the owner, should face north or east direction while working.

8. To as certain regular and strong business and finance in your place of work, take proper care of North West direction.

Toilets and washrooms should be constructed in the west or northwest direction.

9. All the documents relating to finance and its correspondence must be kept the north or south west of the record room.

Bank and cash transactions are to be done by the employee-facing east or the north direction and the accounts department too should be constructed in the same direction so that stability and luck is increased.

10. We should not eat food or conduct any entertainment activities like reading and sleeping at your workstation as it can create negative energy and disturb your office activities.

11. Finished goods are to be kept in North West direction or in other words a go down or warehouse should be in this direction.

12. Staircases are best to be in the south or south west direction, according to Vaastu.

13. Company mission, logo or profile should be placed on south wall of reception area.

14. Pantry or kitchen should ideally be in south-east direction.

15. Bright colors should be used like blue, green, white, red and pink for positive vibrations and a cheerful aura.

It benefits professional relationships.

16. Placing Shri yantra or Pyramid, in the office space, can reduce Vaastu defects and improve the relationships in your office.

17. Electric equipment, as well as the power board, should be in south east direction of your office.

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