Vastu and Prosperity: Tips to bring health and wealth

The science of Vastu brings peace and prosperity in one’s life by adding value to it. Behind every Vastu tip is a profound scientific reason which makes it more plausible to follow. Here are some tips by the astrologers and Vastu experts at that you can follow for good luck and prosperity in life:

1. Paintings depicting water or fountains should be placed in the North or East direction to attract wealth, success, and prosperity in your life.

2. In case you have a beam running inside the room wall, make sure that the bed is not be placed under the beam, since this arrangement is bad for health.

3. The north-east direction of the house should never be kept closed. The space should be kept more open and light. South or south west is considered the best for storing heavy items.

4. As far as Vastu is concerned, the toilet remains a highly-debated area of the house. According to experts at StarsTell, the toilet should face North-South. Also, make sure to close the toilet seat when not in use.

5. Having a large mirror in the dining room on the north or north-east wall attracts wealth and prosperity.

6. Point your head towards south, if you are sleeping in the south-west corner of the house.

7. Pictures or paintings depicting violence in any form should not be placed in the residence or place of business. According to Vastu experts at StarsTell, violence attracts negativity and you surely do not want that in your family.

8. The pictures of couple or family should be placed in the South-west direction to improve love, bonding and relationships.

9. Bedroom windows should be adorned with wind chimes to minimize fights at home and problems between the members of the household.

10. The centre of home should be kept a free area to enable the free flow of energies. This is important for positivity in the house and for health and prosperity as well.

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