Valentines Day 2017, February 14 – the day of love

VALENTINE DAY Venus, the planet of love and romance, will be in Her full glory, being exulted in Pisces sign, to give this Valentine’s Day a ‘Midas touch’. Not only this, the planet of masculine power, Mars, will also accompany Venus on this widely celebrated day of love and relationship. The Moon, being associated with Jupiter, will throw Her auspicious aspect to Venus from Virgo sign to add more emotional quotient into this festival of youths.

For Aries sign people, this combination of sign lord Mars and partner house lord, exulted Venus, is happening in the twelfth house of expenses asking them to stay extra alert and conscious about their spending spree on this day.


For the natives of Taurus sign, it is indicating a gala happening as the Moon will be in the fifth house of emotional affairs and sign lord Venus will be exulted with partner house lord Mars in Pisces sign to make it a great happening for their life time.


gemini For Gemini people, the most auspicious planet Venus will be exulted and associated with Mars to indicate dominance of their partner that could generate differences of opinion between them.



cancer The Moon, ruler of Cancer Moon sign, is there just 180 degrees opposite to exulted Venus forming mutual aspect Yog (Drishti Vinimay Yog) and predicting auspiciousness for them. Divine aspect of luck house lord Jupiter is adding more pious flavour into this Yog to let the natives of Cancer sign enjoy their level best.


leo For Leo sign people, it is sounding an alert and asking them to stay within their limits. Sign lord the Sun is being aspected by enemy planet Saturn and Rahu is present there in Leo sign itself, which is not a very favourable combination of celestial bodies in the sky for them.



virgo Natives of Virgo sign may experience an extraordinary time this Valentine’s Day because the Moon is present in Virgo sign only with Jupiter and exulted Venus is aspecting Virgo sign to bless them with enjoyable moments with their partners. Moreover, presence of Jupiter with the Moon is adding more auspiciousness into this Valentine’s Day for them.



libra Lord of Libra sign, Venus, is exulted and placed in the sixth house of struggle that indicate cautiousness should be practiced by them while spending money on this occasion. Libra natives should not take loan at this moment for the sake of enjoyment this Valentine’s Day.



scorpio For the Scorpio people, it could turn into an exchange of cute gifts with their partner as configuration of planets in the zodiac is clearly indicating gain for their delight. The Moon and Jupiter is forming ‘GajKeshri Yog’ in the eleventh house of income and gains and sign lord Mars is accompanying exulted Venus in the fifth house of romance and emotional affairs for their delight.



sagittarius Sagittarius natives are also going to enjoy good time with their partner as sign lord Jupiter is accompanying the Moon, sitting 180 degrees opposite to exulted Venus and fifth house lord Mars to give their love story a new dimension this Valentine’s Day. However, they should not promise anything beyond their capacity to divert uncomfortable situation later. Placement of slow moving planet Saturn in Sagittarius sign is asking them to go slow but steady to keep going in their emotional relationship.


capricorn Natives of Capricorn sign may plan a short trip to a place of enjoyment this Valentine’s Day as the planets in the transit are clearly indicating so. Presence of exulted Venus in third house of short journey is perfect for them to spend nice time with their love companion and feel content. However, they should keep a watchful eye on expenses also, as Saturn is placed in the twelfth house of expenditure, which might provoke them to overspend.


aquarius People of Aquarius sign are seen in a cheerful ambience this Valentine’s Day as exulted Venus is occupying second house of family and finances to bless them with a pretty surprise from their family members by accepting the ongoing emotional relationship.



pices Valentine’s Day this year is bringing assertive vibrations for the natives of Pisces sign. Sign lord Jupiter is accompanying the Moon, lord of fifth house of romantic affair, and predicting positive development in their relationship. Exulted Venus is also present in Pisces sign itself with very powerful Mars to cement their relationship strongly.

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