Vaastu for Workplace: How to make your office Vaastu compliant

Some offices feel serene, while others can give you negative vibes. There are businesses which grow in a short time, while others fail despite years of hard work. Experts at StarsTell believe that one of the prime determinants for the same is the Vaastu compliance of the workplace.

Vaastu-compliant office increases positivity and helps keep the flow of wealth steady. Vastu experts at StarsTell suggest that the principles of Vaastu should be followed from the construction stage itself.

Vaastu of an office requires proper analysis and orientation of the business house. Wondering how to make your office Vaastu-compliant? Here are some tips for you:

  • The entrance should be tastefully decorated and must have a soothing fragrance. The effect can be heightened if there is soothing music playing in the background.
  • The main door that looks mature and respectable, indicates stability and promises better business. An old and shabby door which does not open freely is not suitable for business.
  • Front desk should be in the north-east. The reception area is crucial as it provides the customer with the first impression of the company. It should be the lowest, and it would be encouraging if a customer has to take three steps to the business or display area.
  • The owner or managing director of the organisation should occupy the largest room in the south-west and should be away from the main entrance of the office. Owner of the business organisation should always face north while dealing with clients.
  • The finance manager of the organisation should sit facing north or east as this will yield enhanced results. According to Vaastu experts at StarsTell, it also promotes the maximum amount of cooperation and also makes sure that people cooperate in the office.
  • Water purifiers should be placed in the north-east direction. The pantry should be located on the north-western or the north-eastern part of the office. This helps enhance the unity of the staff, for it provides them with one single facility that one cannot ignore.
  • Stairs should be in a clockwise direction. The staircase construction should be towards to south of the building.
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