Transit of planet Saturn in Sagittarius Sign

The slowest moving planet of our zodiac, Saturn, will be there in Sagittarius sign during entire December month. Saturn is going to be combust, due to proximity to the Sun, on 16th of December 2018, at 17.21 pm to remain in this powerless condition till 19th of January 2019, 07.32 am. Ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter and there is a neutral relationship between Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn enjoys the status of servant of our solar system and Jupiter is considered as the Minister to the king. Favourable result is expected for the natives of Scorpio Moon sign as it is going to be the third phase of ongoing ‘Saadhe Saati’. Second phase of ‘Saadhe Saati’ will be on for Sagittarius sign natives. First phase of ‘Saadhe Saati’ has just started for Capricorn Moon sign natives to let them experience the negative sides of Saturn.

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