Transit of Jupiter into Virgo – How will this benefic you?

Transit of Jupiter into virgo How will this benefic you Biggest planet of the zodiac Jupiter is about to leave Leo sign and enter to Virgo sign on 11 August 2016 to stay there for exactly 13 months, till 11 September 2017. The biggest significance of this transit will be end of GuruChandal Dosh in Leo sign, which was formed by entrance of Rahu in Leo sign on 9 January this year. Jupiter is the most auspicious and benefic planet of the universe and Rahu is just opposite in nature of planet Jupiter. Association of these two planets together in a sign does not produce assertive results for anyone, in general. Another important part of this transit is coming out of tenth aspect of Saturn from Scorpio sign. Planet Mercury is the ruler of earthy sign Virgo and it is the sixth sign of natural zodiac. Entrance of Jupiter in Virgo sign is going to produce different results for the people of different zodiac signs.
aries Aries: For the natives of Aries sign, this transit of Jupiter is going to provide them professional growth and financial security. Expenditure might also mount for their discomfort upto a certain extent. An auspicious function is possible in family circle during this transit period.



Taurus Taurus: For the natives of Taurus zodiac sign entrance of Jupiter in fifth house, in Virgo sign, a trine house predicts suitable opportunity for higher education, gainful contact with powerful people, all round progress in life. Acquiring of landed property and vehicle is also possible. Marriage is indicated in appropriate cases.



gemini Gemini: For people of Gemini zodiac sign transit of Jupiter in the fourth house denotes less comfort and more struggles in professional front. Unexpected financial losses might be there. Tension related with property and vehicle is also possible. Flow of income will remain at par, as per the requirement.



cancer Cancer: For Cancer zodiac sign natives transit of Jupiter in third house indicates financial gains, favour from luck and enhancement in social reputation. Promotion of spouse is also predicted as a result of this transit.



leo Leo: For the natives of Leo sign, Jupiter is going to enter in the house of finance and family to reduce hardships. Getting rid of health related issues is also seen. Pending issues at workplace would start moving towards beneficial developments. Increase in religious trait is another significant side of this transit.



virgo Virgo: Jupiter is entering into Virgo sign to provide all round prosperity, chance to get higher education and unconditional favour from luck for the natives of Virgo zodiac sign. Good news from children is also possible to increase happiness of mind. Further enhancement in social reputation is also very much possible during this transit period.



libra Libra: For Libra zodiac sign people, Jupiter is entering into house of expenditure to increase health related expenses, limited income might become a cause of concern for these people because of this transit. Dispute like situation might arise at domestic front as well as place of work also. Procrastination might be there to linger their ambitious projects without any justified reason.



Scorpion Scorpio: Eleventh house of financial income is going to be occupied by the most benefic planet Jupiter for Scorpio zodiac sign people to increase recurring inflow of funds significantly. Promotion and elevation of status are possible with appropriate cases. Timely result of efforts may boost their moral courage. Prestigious post in social sector might come effortlessly to increase dignity in society.



sagittarius Sagittarius: Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius sign, will occupy the house of profession for Sagittarius zodiac sign natives to get good news from relatives and family members. Acquisition of landed property or vehicle is seen to engage their finances. They should stay alert from hidden enemies at their professional arena. Health might also become a cause of concern for them.



capricon Capricorn: For the people of Capricorn sign, Jupiter is going to occupy trine house of luck to offer them golden opportunities to go for further studies. Appropriate outcome of sincere efforts is also possible to push them ahead in their projects during this transit period. Good health will be an added advantage for them during this transit of Jupiter.



aquarius Aquarius: Unfavourable eighth house will be occupied by Jupiter for the natives of Aquarius zodiac sign to incur health related issues to linger for long time. Pressure of expenditure might surpass income to disturb the balance of financial budget. They should restrain from taking financial loan during this transit period. Fruitless travel might be there to increase unrest of mind.



pisces Pisces: Presence of Jupiter in seventh house of social reputation, transit of Jupiter in Virgo sign will be an advantageous period for Pisces zodiac sign people. Good health, financial bliss, prosperity of siblings is predicted for Pisceans. Visit to any religious place is possible to seek blessings of Almighty God. Comfort of good house and vehicle are also indicated with them.

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