Three planets the Sun, Mercury and Venus-2018

Three planets the Sun, Mercury and Venus are going to be associated in watery sign Pisces on 14 March 2018 to stay together till 20 March 2018.

The Sun is entering in Pisces sign on 14 March, at 23.42 pm, to join Mercury and Venus to form more than one auspicious ‘Yog’ in the sky. Exchange of houses between Jupiter and Venus will, already, be there to bestow assertive results for some of us. Venus becomes exulted in watery sign Pisces and Mercury attains the state of debilitation there, but association of Mercury with exulted Venus will help to offer cancellation of debilitation of Mercury.

It is called ‘NeechBhang Raaj Yog’ in astrological terms. Placement of the Sun and Mercury together is also forms an auspicious ‘BudhAditya Yog’ in the cosmic council of planets. This transit will, particularly, be auspicious for Taurus, Gemini, Libra and Capricorn Moon sign people as it is going to happen in the eleventh house of gains, tenth house of profession, sixth house of competitions and third house of efforts and courage, respectively.

For those who are born under Taurus Moon sign may expect major financial windfall because their sign lord Venus will be placed very powerfully in the house of income with finance house lord Mercury to provide financial bliss for them. It is mentioned in our ancient astrological texts that any planet occupying eleventh house of income gives auspicious result only. So, combination of three planets in the house of gains may offer them multiple sources of earning money to reduce their financial stresses and constraints.

Gemini Moon sign natives are also expected to enjoy breakthrough in their professional sphere as their sign lord Mercury is placed in the house of career with exulted Venus and the Sun. Venus remains the most auspicious planet for Gemini Moon sign and the Sun in tenth house give rise in career path. Elevation in their current position is almost certain and there might be an opportunity to handle some flagship project to raise their status and influence at workplace.

Aspect of Mars reconfirms the possibility of this thing and in addition to this, there is influence of Rahu also to ink some business deals with foreign companies. For the people whose Moon sign is Libra, this transit is happening in the sixth house of competition and struggle indicating end of struggle and ongoing delays in their projects. Opponents will become less effective to make the journey smooth.

Placement of Mercury and Venus, in sixth house, are forming two auspicious ‘Vipreet Raaj Yog’ to their added advantage. Capricorn Moon sign people are expected to reap the result of their hard work done in the recent past as a result of this transitional phenomenon. The most auspicious planet for Capricorn Moon sign, Venus, is exchanging houses with Jupiter to shower them with tremendous activities.

As Venus is being exulted there in Pisces sign to intensify their efforts and to get positive outcome of their sincere and hard work. Placement of sign lord Saturn in twelfth house of expenditure foretells contacts with foreigners and earn good amount of benefit from those connections. Ketu is present in Capricorn sign to help them to rise and showcase their talent on the right platform.

A word of caution is predicted for the natives of Aries Moon sign as this transit will happen in twelfth house of expenditure, which is, obviously, not a good transit of planets for them. Venus rules the second house of finance and family for Aries people. There might be sudden pressure of expenditure in front of them to reimburse without any option. To know how this transit will be for other Moon signs visit our website and consult knowledgeable Astrologers in detail.

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