deepika padukone & ranveer singh

Compatibility of Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh

Born on 5 January 1986, Deepika Padukone is having Rahu present in her Aries ascendant, as per available horoscope, and Ketu in her Libra Moon sign to bless her with…

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dabangg 3 salman khan predictions

Salman Khan’s horoscope predictions promise good times ahead as the superstar turns 54 !

If we talk about success, then it is never served on a platter. The Real Khan of Bollywood – Salman Khan was surely born with a silver spoon in his…

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New Year Prediction is a guide line for you to plan your course of actions in advance StarsTell

New Year Prediction is a guide line for you to plan your course of actions in advance.

ARIES Dear Arian, the year 2020 starts on an auspicious note for you. Ongoing successful phase of life that you have been enjoying will extend in the New Year too….

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It’s all about Money StarsTell

It’s all about Money

According to Indian Vedic Astrology, second house is also known as the ‘Panphar’ house of a horoscope, which indicates the person’s financial status, accumulation of wealth, eyes, speech, relatives and…

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Compatibility Between Two Individuals StarsTell

Compatibility Between Two Individuals

Marriage is a very important and pious tie in our Hindu belief. When two people decide to stay together or guardians of two individuals decides to make a pair with…

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Sun in Sagittarius

The Almighty Sun Enters in Sagittarius: Know how the Sun Transit will affect your Zodiac

Sun Transit 2019 Sun is the celestial flashlight, which rules the other planets. It exposes the truth and helps you stay in touch with your spiritual self. In Vedic astrology,…

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