Must-Try Astro Tips to Improve Your Career

Must Try Astro Tips to Improve Your CareerAre you stuck in a professional humdrum where there is less growth or hopelessness everywhere? Or are you finding it tough to hit on the right career track? Be it personal or professional, any issue in our life can make us feel down which will eventually end up attracting negative energy in our lives. But remember where there is a will, there is always a way. And as we know life’s problems also come with their accompanying solutions, any challenge in your career can also be easily sorted out.

In this article, you will go through some must-try Astro tips which will help you improve your career. Remember these tips are time tested and proven ones so you will not regret trying any or all of these. Take a look at the tips-

1. Never look at your palms when you wake up

– When you wake up in the morning never look at both the palms. Remember, the goddess of wealth-Lakhshmi resides in the palms and if you avoid looking at your palms right when you wake up, she stays there which means you will remain prosperous and contented.

2. Pacify Saturn by offering boiled rice to cows on every Saturday

– Cow represents Saturn which rules over profession in Astrology. So if you want to pacify Saturn and want charming luck coming your way, offer boiled rice to cows on every Saturday without failure.

3. Offer jaggery mixed water to the Sun in a copper vessel

– Take water in a copper vessel, add jaggery to it and offer it to the Sun every morning when you offer your prayers to the Sun god. Remember this offering should be made right within one hour of sunrise. Chant ‘Om Hreem Suryaaye Namaha’ eleven times while making the offer.

4. Recite Gayatri Mantra and Mahamrityunjay Mantra 31 times in a day

–Daily recital of Gayatri and Mahamrityunjay Mantra for 31 times work out wonder when it comes to improving your career. Try it out as soon as you can and check the result yourself.

5. Chant Beej Mantra to please Lord Ganesha

– Lord Ganesha is known as Vighna Vinaashak, the destroyer of obstacles. So, if you look forward to an obstacle free professional life, it is a must to please Lord Ganesha. If you are going through any obstacle in career, chant beej mantra. ‘Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha’ is one of the good mantras to please the Lord.Venus in Scorpio AD

6. Try the lime and clove miracle

– Take a lime and pierce four cloves in it. Put it in your right hand and with ardent devotion, recite ‘Om Shree Hanumate Namaha’ for 21 times. Once the recitation is over, put the lime in your purse or pocket. You will be blessed with good luck and fortune in your career.

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