Mumbai v/s Delhi Sunday 20 May 2018 16.00 Delhi

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Today’s first T-20 cricket match is going to be played between team Delhi and team Mumbai at 4 pm at Feroz Shah Kotla Ground, Delhi. Virgo ascendant will be rising there in the eastern horizon at the time of beginning of this match. Ruler of Virgo sign intelligent planet Mercury is seen transiting through unfavourable eighth house to let the players of team Delhi have a tough time to face challenges posed in front of them. Opponent team Mumbai is closely influenced by retrograde Jupiter. Transit of planet Mercury and Jupiter in front of each other predicts tough fight to sustain the position of both the teams in this match. Association of the Moon and Rahu might be showing inauspicious effects for team Delhi in this match to put them on back foot in this match. Wrong decisions and poor fielding might be there with team Delhi to allow team Mumbai take full advantage of it and become the winner of this match.

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