Mars in Scorpio Sign on 17 January 2018

Planet of energy, courage and leadership quality, Mars has entered into His own sign Scorpio on 17 January 2018, at 5.10 am to remain in this sign till 7 March 2018, 18.27 pm. Generally, Mars is known for His quality to place us under pressure and tough competitive situations to develop the quality of working under pressure and to increase our load bearing capacity to let us head towards our goal of life.

While transiting through Scorpio sign Mars will be under undesirable negative influence of Rahu from Cancer sign. It is not a very comfortable situation for the natives of Aries and Scorpio Moon signs. These natives are advised to take very good control of their temper and make a balanced approach while dealing with others. Overconfidence and aggression should be avoided in every step to save valuable time and precious energy from being wasted, for nothing.

For the natives of Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius Moon signs, this transit is happening in sixth, third, eleventh and tenth houses, respectively, to offer respite from difficult situations and helping them to move ahead in their journey of life. Aquarius Moon sign natives may experience elevation in their position in official hierarchy to enjoy more power and authority in their hands.

It is supposed to be a good transit for Scorpio Moon sign people also because sign lord Mars will be there in His own sign to offer favorable results. Whereas other Moon signs may experience results according to the particular planetary position in their horoscope and ongoing dasha periods.

Taking into consideration of aspect of Rahu, required precautions should be exercised by everyone to reduce the adversity of this transit and minimise loss due to this. So, consulting an experienced Astrologer will be appropriate to determine the effects precisely for a native. Placement of Mars in birth chart is also another important factor to figure out the magnitude of in-auspiciousness of this transit accurately. For your personalized consultation, visit and book an appointment with any of our prominent Astrologer now.



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