Mars Exhaltation in Capricorn – Know how magical and special will it for your sign!

Mars is considered to be the strongest when in transit to Capricorn sign. This is one such event which will unfold a very influential period for the natives of Capricorn. Domestic harmony, financial gains etc for the natives. To know more about its influence on all Zodiacs and how truly magical and unexpectedly special will it be, read the article

Mars Exhaltation in Capricorn

Aries – Dear Arian, the transit of Mars in Capricorn sign indicates a beneficial period for you. Projects that had been delayed will finally progress. Success is seen for you. Luck is seen to be favourable for you. Various sources of income is seen to come your way. Time is favourable for you if you are looking for a change at work. Investing in the area of your choice will be beneficial. Seek the advice of your life partner while planning for the future. The environment at home might favourable. As far as education is concerned, the period is seen to be favourable for you. So try to make the most out of it.

Taurus – Dear Taurean, the transit of mars in Capricorn is seen to be quite favourable for you. Luck is seen to favour you in everything that you do. Professionals are advised to expect some good news from their Superior. You can consider making some investments. Success in the administrative front, political benefits and reputation may brace you. Time is seen to be favourable for you in matters related to education. Expect respect from your family members. Doubt and fear will be overcome. Do not give in to the insistence of your children instead try to handle the situation tactfully. Avoid taking decisions in matters related to the society.

Gemini – Dear Geminian, the transit of Mars in Capricorn sign indicates you to avoid taking any major decisions without consultation especially in matters related to investment. Working professionals are advised to do their work calmly and do not think of any change for the time being. Your situation will begin to fare well only with time. You are advised to wait for the right time. Be cautious of your rivals. As far as possible, try to stay away from legal issues. Try to take charge of your responsibility at home. Do not let any third person interfere in your personal life as it might create more distance in your relation. Time is favorable for your health.

Cancer – Dear Cancerian, the transit of mars in Capricorn sign indicates changes in the environment at home and differences in opinions might create issues. Concerns of your children might increase your tensions. As far as work and business is concerned, time will remain steady. Try to understand your responsibilities at work. Keep your plans a secret till you reach the final decision. Ongoing projects will deliver progressive news. You are advised to be careful while dealing projects based on commission basis else it might hurt your reputation. Try to sort out the ongoing issues in your personal life. Overall time is favorable.

Leo – Dear Leo, the transit of Mars in Capricorn indicates that your rivals will be suppressed. Decisions related to ongoing projects which were taken in the past will finally prove to be fruitful. Working professionals will be successful in manifesting their talents but they will continue to remain in doubt. Try to remain calm and patient. Your soul mate will respect you more than ever. Try to pay attention to the needs of your family amidst the ups and downs. As far as love and relationship is concerned, expect a new turn in your love life. Take Care of your health.

Virgo – Dear Virgo, the transit of Mars in Capricorn indicates the cooperation of your dear one and this will help you in planning for the future. You are advised to consult before starting any new project or investment. Now is the right time to try your hands in new areas. Your desire to increase your materialistic pursuit will be fulfilled. Your interest in religious activities will be increased. Positive changes are seen in the surrounding of your home. Meeting with new people is seen. Time is favorable for unmarried individuals. Distance in love relationship will finally minimize. Expect some gift from your soul mate. Success is seen for students in competitive exams. Try to keep yourself busy in order to overcome tensions. Health is normal.

Libra – Dear Libra, the transit of Mars in Capricorn indicates materialistic gains, improvement in resources and legal issues related to ancestral property will be sorted out. Working professionals might be entrusted with huge responsibilities which will in turn improve your financial situation. Time is favorable for businessmen to make their business progress. Be competitive but avoid showing off. Now is the right time to appear for interviews. Avoid interfering in others legal issues or giving free advice. Expect some good news from your children. You might have the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage with your soul mate.

Scorpio –Dear Scorpio, the transit of Mars in Capricorn indicates a boost in your luck. Expect some major help from your siblings. If there are any conflicts going on with your brothers then it is very likely to get it sorted out. You will be able to work energetically at work. Your seniors will be pleased with your work and will appreciate your effort. Businessmen will be successful in taking benefits from their friends abroad. Your word will be taken seriously in the society and you will be highly regarded. The interference of a third person will be helpful in reducing the tensions at home. Positive environment might soon develop in your surroundings. Time is favorable for students.

Sagittarius – Dear Sagittarian, the transit of Mars in Capricorn indicates inflow of income and new sources of income might also be created. Unimportant chaos may be seen but you might come across reliable and trustworthy people. Expect huge gains from the investment of the past. If you wish to then there is no harm in making new investments. You are advised to avoid getting indulge in any kind of arguments with your colleagues. You might plane for a religious trip at the behest of your family members. Unmarried individuals might be blessed with some good news. Avoid making hasty decisions regarding your children and life partner.

Capricorn – Dear Capricorn, the transit of Mars in Capricorn will prove to be beneficial for making your livelihood. If you are looking for a change in your business or work then now is the right time for you. Fortunately, new opportunities and resources are seen to come your way. Maintaining transparency in business partnership will strengthen your bond. Deal related property, vehicle etc will be easily finalized but make sure to check the documents properly. Ups and downs will continue to prevail in your love life. Environment at home will improve with time. Health is good.

Aquarius – Dear Aquarian, the transit of Mars in Capricorn indicates improvement in the strategy of your business and new sources of income for you. However, unimportant chaos and expenditure is also seen, Avoid being hasty when it comes to changing your job. Now is the right time to take advantage of your contacts. An old friend of yours might return the amount owed to you. Some important issues regarding your family might increase your tensions. Avoid taking any major decisions in haste. Expect some good news related to your partner. Health is normal.

Pisces – Dear Piscean, the transit of Mars in Capricorn indicates an opportunity to strengthen your financial situation. Working professionals are advised to be prepared to accept financial gains along with with huge responsibility. However, you are advised to plan accordingly before taking up any new tasks. If a trustworthy person offers you a partnership in business then there is no harm in accepting it. Opportunity to take part in social activity is also seen. Improvement in your materialistic pursuit is also seen. Time is favorable for your love life. Pay attention to the needs of your children.

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