IPL Predictions 2018: Monday 30 April 2018 20.00 Pune Chennai v/s Delhi

Today’s T-20 cricket match is scheduled to be played between team Chennai and team Delhi at 8 pm at Maharashtra Cricket Association’s Stadium, Pune. Scorpio ascendant will be rising there in the eastern horizon at the beginning of this match. Sign lord Mars is now travelling through His friendly sign Sagittarius and is associated with retrograde Saturn to make the speed of the players slow during this match. Ascendant is being aspected by shadowy planet Rahu to provoke the players of team Chennai unnecessarily to commit silly mistakes during this match. Rival team Delhi is influenced by artistic planet Venus and ideal placement of Venus in Her own sign Taurus is increasing the possibility of having their upper hand in this match. Silly mistakes made by the players of team Chennai is going to count as advantage of team Delhi and they are expected to snatch victory from their rival team Chennai in this match.

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