IPL 2018 Predictions: 29 April 2018 20.00 Bengaluru Bangalore v/s Kolkata

Today’s second T-20 cricket match is going to be played between team Bangalore and team Kolkata at 8 pm at M. Chinnaswami Stadium, Bengaluru. Scorpio ascendant will be rising there in the zodiac at the beginning of this match. Sign lord Mars is now moving with retrograde Saturn in friendly sign Sagittarius to offer stronghold of team Bangalore from the beginning of this match. But, opponent team Kolkata is also powerfully influenced by artistic planet Venus and placement of Venus is seen very authentic in Taurus sign itself to counter each and every challenges successfully. Mars is an energetic planet and Venus is a perfectionist planet. So, encounter of these two teams is going to be very exciting one to keep every spectators on their toes. However, at the end of this match team Kolkata is going to register win over their rival team Bangalore to be declared as the winner of this match.

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