Hyderabad v/s Chennai

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Today’s first T-20 cricket match is scheduled to be played between team Hyderabad and Chennai team  at 4 pm at Maharashtra Cricket Association’s International Stadium, Pune. Virgo ascendant will be rising there in the eastern horizon at the time of beginning of this match. Today, sign lord Mercury is travelling through Aries sign, with exulted Sun, and the Moon, indicating the performance of team Chennai to remain extraordinarily well in this match. Excellence of brain and perfect match strategy is going to place them ahead of their rival team Hyderabad. As a result of this, team Chennai is bound to register record score in this match. On the other hand, opponent team Hyderabad is seen influenced by retrograde Jupiter to perform average in this match. Naturally auspicious planet Jupiter loses His auspiciousness while transitting through indirect motion and because of this, team Hyderabad might not be able to face the challenges thrown in front of them by the rival team Chennai. As a result, possibility of winning is seen increased for team Chennai to be declared as winner of this match

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