Hyderabad v/s Bangalore Thursday 17 May 2018 20.00 Bengaluru

Today’s T-20 cricket match is going to be played between team Hyderabad and Bangalore team at 8 pm at M. Chinnaswami Stadium, Bengaluru. Scorpio ascendant will be rising in the sky at the time of starting of this match. Ascendant lord Mars is seen powerfully associated with Ketu, ideally in third house of efforts, to let team Bangalore take command of this match from the very beginning. Very powerful exulted Sun is also aspecting Scorpio ascendant to provide them sufficient energy and vitality to the players of team Bangalore and play their best. High score will be accumulated by team Bangalore to make it difficult for their rival team Hyderabd to come across. While opponent team Hyderabd is coming under influence of artistic planet Venus to show their skills on the pitch. But association of the Moon with Venus may go against them and hold them back to perform well in this match. As a result of this, team Bangalore is seen taking the advantage of the situation and become the winner of this match.

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