Find Out the Negative Traits About Your Sun Sign

Every Sun sign carries certain characteristics. Some are positive and others are negative. It is important to know the negative qualities of oneself so that he/she can seek improvement after knowing those traits and become successful in life. Let’s see what are the negative traits about each Sun sign.

aquarius 1. Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

The Aquarius born people are usually moody. They are stubborn and seldom change their minds. They are unpredictable, inconsistent and do not follow a fixed behavioral pattern. They love their freedom and hence are usually detached from others. They are extremists. It is either all or nothing and there is no middle path for them.


pisces 2. Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

The Pisces people are over-sensitive and they tend to take everything to heart and become over-emotional. They tend to blame their luck when things go wrong. They are escapists. They are very idealistic and so they complain even the best work for being mediocre. They are very lazy and also get discouraged very easily and tend to consider the negative side more than the positive.


aries 3. Aries (March 21 – April 20)

The Aries people flaunt as if they know everything and hence, they are arrogant and insensitive to other’s feeling. They seldom change their minds and tend to have a fixed opinion. Hence, their stubbornness makes them hard to deal with. Being impulsive and indiscipline are two main attributes about Aries people. They find it hard to concentrate for long and so, tend to leave projects mid-way.


Taurus 4. Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

The Taurus, although easy going and respectful, can be unbelievably inflexible and insensitive. They tend to refuse to listen to logical arguments if they don’t suit them. They are self-indulgent and tend to be arrogant, rude and insensitive to other’s feeling. They are very lazy, possessive and materialistic.


gemini 5. Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

The Gemini born people are inconsistent and they seldom stay interested and focused on projects. They are unable to delve deep and pay attention to details. They are always double minded and hence they are unable to decide. They get bored easily with things as they lack directions and focus in their life. They tend to be anxious.


cancer 6. Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

The Cancer born people have unpredictable mood swings. They are pessimistic and tend to abandon everything when bogged down by setbacks and failures. They are clingy and find it hard to let go of things. They are overemotional and tend to carry imaginary hurts and setbacks. They are always complaining and suspicious of other people as they carry an imaginary fear.


leo 7. Leo (July 23 – August 21)

The Leo born people have a huge and fragile ego and it sometimes becomes an obstacle in their path to success. They are fixed opinionated and seldom change their mind. They are possessive about everything and hold them closely. So, they are prone to jealousy. They are impatient, arrogant and dominating. They like to get their things done as soon as possible and expect people to follow their lead.


virgo 8. Virgo (August 22 – September 23)

The Virgo born people have a clear idea of how things should be done and hence, tend to be over-critical. They like things to be perfect and so tend to be judgmental. They are harsh with their opinion and it is hard to please them. They are conservative in nature and so, they won’t accept modern ideas readily.


libra 9. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

The Libra born people are superficial in nature. They tend to look at the outer beauty and ignore the inner qualities. They easily change their minds on other’s influence and are unreliable. Although, they are firm and strong, they tend to be detached. They don’t like to displease others and so, they sometimes pretend to be pleasant when they are not. They tend to take things easily and are indecisive in nature.


Scorpion 10. Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

The Scorpio born people are extremely possessive and jealous in nature. They are secretive as they don’t trust people easily. They tend to get hurt from negative treatment and comments and also act quite resentful. They like to do things in their way and also like to manipulate in their interest.Venus in Scorpio AD


sagittarius 11. Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22)

The Sagittarius born people tend to take things for granted and take unnecessary risks. They are very careless. They tend to speak the harsh truth which sometimes hurt others. They tend to be superficial as they are too impatient to look beyond the outer surface. They are impatient and inconsistent in nature. They are also over-confident.


capricon 12. Capricorn (December 23 – January 20)

The Capricorn born people tend to have unreliable mood swings. They don’t like to go against the odds and are pessimistic. They believe in their decisions and methods. They are stubborn and seldom change their views. They are introvert and self-centered. They are usually preoccupied with themselves. They tend to be detached and seldom get close to people.

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