Exulted Mars in Capricorn: How Influential will it be for your Sign?

Exulted Mars in Capricorn sign is going to assume retrograde motion on 27 June 2018, at 02.34 am to move indirectly for a time duration of two months, till 27 August 2018, 07.35 pm. Usually, Mars spends approximately 45 days in a sign to cross a span of 30 degrees. But, at this time, because of indirect motion, He will spend two months in retrograde motion only. Impact of this retrograde motion will not remain very good for Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio Moon sign natives.

For Aries Moon sign, Mars is the ruler of the sign itself and will be there in the tenth house of profession to create struggling situation to achieve their ambitious goals in their work area. Power, authority, position, reputation all are supposed to be used with utmost care during this period of retrogression to save their reputation. Association of Ketu with exulted yet retrograde Mars is another vital point for them to remember and take precautionary measures accordingly.

The natives of Cancer Moon sign, who are enjoying important social responsibilities, are advised to act with care and caution. Professional front of them is likely to see clouds of confusion and delay in their projects may create tense situation there. Transit of the Sun in the house of expenditure is, again, asking them to act according to the demand of the situations. 

Leo Moon sign natives are expected to get headache because of their competitors as a result of this transit happening in sixth house of competitions in their horoscope. Sign lord, the Sun, is now in the house of income, to provide some relief and financial support from near and dear ones.

In case of Scorpio Moon sign natives, this transit is happening in the third house that could increase their confidence towards over confidence to make mistake and repent for those mistakes. Proportionate behaviour is to be adopted to get going.

However, everyone is advised to stay careful when Mars’ will move through retrograde motion as while assuming indirect motion, an exulted plant acts as a debilitated one. Over confidence should be avoided at every sphere to stay safe. Clarity of thoughts is the most important tool to get the clear picture, because of association of Ketu with exulted Mars. Ketu creates clouds of confusion and try to envelope our mind with some kind if hidden fear or imaginary concept that actually does not exist at all.

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