Discover the 12 Love mystery through your signs


Discover the 12 Love mystery through your signsBeing in love is the time when we behave differently than we do otherwise. Some people become self-centred while their self begins to include their loved one. Some become quite passionate, some jealous and some are always happy just with the feeling of being loved. Discuss your issues with Astrologer

The mystery of love can never be solved… but yes we can unpack some of its layers. So, let’s travel into the labyrinth of love life and observe twelve love mysteries understood through zodiac signs. Talk to Astrologer for More details

“I am the boss in my relationship”: Many a times you must have heard this sentence while being with friends, loved ones, relatives. Based on astrological expert, Aries take charge of their relationship. And though not apparent but Libras exert a subtle form of control in their relationship. So, next time when you hear this sentence, try and find out the speaker’s zodiac sign.Talk to Astrologer in Hindi

  1. “I wish to have the most romantic life with my loved one”: An ideal romance is the dream of Pisces. Being the most sensitive sign, they cannot think of short term commitments. Love Forecast 
  2. “When I fall in love, it would be forever”: There are people who might fall in love every day and with most of the person they meet. But Leos are different. They are the most loyal partner amongst all the zodiac signs. While Sagittarius might find it difficult to settle attributing to their free spirited nature. Instant Astrology Consultation with Expert Astrologers
  3. “I wish to have luxurious life with my love”: With love, come the dreams. Dream of having your loved one with you each and every day. The love life of Taurus involves lot of fine dinners, luxurious stay. Discuss your issues with Astrologer
  4. “I want you to be honest with me”: In love, every person has their requirements from their loved one. Gemini likes to get every detail of their relationship; quite difficult to imagine them with a private person!!! While Scorpios expect complete honesty from their partner, they are themselves a little secretive about their past. Get detail Analysis of Your Kundali
  5. “I want you to be a part of my family”: The stage of love when you feel that you should settle with this person is a crucial one. The Capricorns tend to fall for a person with whom they can imagine their future with. They are family oriented, and want to live a happy and stable life. Talk to Astrologer in 13 Languages
  6. “It is his/ her charm that attracts me”: The first stage of love, attraction happens on different grounds for different zodiac signs. A Capricorn man would get attracted with the intellect of the woman while Gemini would attract others with their charm, knowledge and optimism. Relationship Analysis Report
  7. “I can listen to you for the entire night”: Oh! These are the ideal set of words, every girl/ boy would die to hear from their partner. Don’t worry this is not an extinct trait. Being a patient listener, Cancer plays a great role of motivator for their loved one. Marriage Report
  8. “I can move on easily, I don’t want to be clingy”: Anyone who gets hurt in love shows different tendency or ways of recovering from it. If an Aries gets hurt, they tend to move on quickly, they won’t look back. So, try not to hurt Aries, if you love one. Life Report
  9. “I need perfection in every aspect of my life even my love life”: One can expect these words from Virgo who are born perfectionists. Being in love, they pretend to be cool but deep within, they are cautious enough to not to be vulnerable.Get detail Analysis of Your Kundali
  10. “I have intense love for you”: A lover can love their loved ones in plethora of manners. Some love intensely, some prefer being physical over heart connection while some believe in platonic love. Scorpios are intense in love, quite passionate people. They prefer their body over their heart. Get detail Analysis of Your Kundali
  11. “Love is not part of my life; it’s the heart of my life”: Every person nurtures their love in different manner. Few get fully smeared in it and almost forget the world. Most of the Aquarius shares this personality. They are selfless in their love. And they also seek their lover to reciprocate the same kind of passionate and selfless love for them. So, if you are in love with an Aquarian, love, love and love, that’s the only key to make them happy!!!Life Report

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