Cancer Horoscope 2022: Cancer Annual Prediction 2022

Cancer Horoscope 2022

Cancer Horoscope 2022

Cancer Horoscope For all those born under Cancer Moon Sign, an enthralling New Year 2022 is likely to unfold before you! The year ahead will prove special for you in many respects.

Firstly, your sign lord, the Moon seemed there in the fifth houseof talent in Scorpio sign, with Mars and exulted Ketu, on the very 1st day of January 2022, to create pious ‘ChandraMangal Yog’ as well as ‘NeechBhang Raaj Yog’ which is very auspicious for you.

Your time during this phase suggests you to bolster your self-confidence and remain assertive in your thoughts and actions. Be open and receptive to the new ideas and situations around you and welcome them with a warm heart.

A constructive outlook will help you to move with the flow of time and will also keep you steady with the experiences, gained over this period.

Time in this phase will fill your heart with abundant peace, joy and inner strength. Good health status will also let you go on smoothly. An atmosphere of peace, harmony and contentment will thrive at your place as well.

In the very beginning of New Year, Jupiter seen to influence your second house of finances, and, hence, it will prove very auspicious in respect of matters relating to your accumulation of wealth.

Progress and prosperity will witnessed by you in all your professional endeavors during this phase. The long-pending or the stalled-up tasks at the administrative level will also execute successfully, to your delight.

Retrograde motion of Jupiter!

On 28th of July 2022, entry of retrograde motion of Jupiter, in the watery sign Pisces, predicts about the development of significant contacts and professional relationships with a few prominent people.

This period is set to enhance your social standing amongst your family and social arena. Name, fame, respect and recognition will all start to follow you effortlessly.

If you are into administrative service, then significant progress and a promotion is strongly seen with you. This year promises to be better than the one gone by, in respect with your finances as well.

Cancer Horoscope 2022 – Career/Job/Education

While on 26th of February 2022, entry of your most auspicious planet, Mars, into His exultation sign Capricorn, foretells great success and victory in disputes and will let you surpass your opponents successfully.

Sudden financial gain, from an unexpected corner, is also likely to befall over you after 16th of August of this year.

Acquisition of a few materialistic comforts like land, bigger house or a luxurious vehicle is also indicated to bring you more pleasure and happiness in this time.

If you are seeking a well-paid job or looking for a better change, then lucrative opportunities may also stand waiting to open up before you.

Time is ripe for all your dreams and aspirations to come true. The year is also significant for those who are studying. Studies disrupted in the past, for any reason, may now resume afresh and things will gain a fresh momentum.

All your efforts are sure to bear a fruitful return in New Year 2022.

Now as the situations in your career front, the year 2022 spells a grand fortune, to your delight. Apart from visible progress at work arena, substantial financial gains and recognition are likely to keep you on a higher note.

Success as desired may also be achieved in all your ambitious plans and ventures during this phase. None of your hardwork and struggles done in the past will go futile or unnoticed.

Your seniors may also appreciate and admire you for your true efforts and sincerity. All you will need to succeed is just to have focus and perseverance and never slacken from your responsibilities and hard work.

Cancer Horoscope 2022 – Relationship/Family

While on your personal and family front, although nothing specific expected to grab your attention, but physical health status of your soul mate may draw your sincere concern for a while.

Those of you who have recently tied the nuptial bonds can even expect a new addition to their family by virtue of a child birth from 10th of August 2022 onwards.

Your soul mate is also likely to be in a mood to pamper you with unconditional support.

Time during this phase may prove to be fruitful for you to come across a few fresh contacts and new serious bonds of friendship may also grow up eventually.

Cancer Horoscope 2022 – Health

In regards to your health and wellness, the change of placement of Rahu and Ketu, on 12th of April, is ready to bestow you with abundant vigour and vitality that will let you go on smoothly in all your endeavours.

Peace, happiness of mind and a cheerful heart will be there to keep your spirit high. A joyful outlook will also let you experience perfect harmony with your physical as well as mental health.

However, time still recommends you to not to overlook matters or even trivial indications regarding your health, by any means.

Taking adequate care and timely precautions will be useful to keep you safe from unwanted troubles.

Cancer Horoscope 2022 – Lifestyles

The alignment of planets in the cosmic council and their influence on your sign indicates frequent official or personal travel during New Year 2022

Your busy schedules, round the year, may keep you tight on time but combining an official trip with family, if given a chance, will also bring fruitful outcomes.

Time spent with your near and dear ones may turn into a pleasant experience for everyone.

Cancer Horoscope 2022 – Remedies

A Pearl Stone embedded in a silver ring (or locket) and worn in the little finger of your right hand, on any Monday morning, of a bright lunar half, after 9 am, will help you to experience the assertive powers and the best influence of the cosmic bodies and the impact of their respective positioning in the sky.

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