Astrology of wealth and investments: The planetary combinations to make better financial decisions

Astrology, a divine science, has been a strong tool at our disposal, helping us better navigate our lives. With itsone foot in the spiritual world, helping us in our inclusive growth, the other foot lies in the physical world that can help us make better life decisions.

As investments are a bet on the future, people might wonder if they can be foretold through complex readings of our solar system. And if it can, what can we know about the profitability of the investments we make?

How can astrology validate my investment decisions?

We look for all the possible aspects and rely on the cosmic guidance to help us with making fruitful decisions. So how are investment and finances any different? Astrology as a deep science inculcates in- prevailing conditions as well as forecasting changes in the future, and makes revelations that can make your investment a hit or a miss.

With the fifth house, and its lord provide gains through investments, if it is well placed, one is destined to enjoy good gains through investments in life. Impact of Rahu on strong lord of the fifth house can give gains through speculative investments as well, provided there is no planetary influence indicating loss of assets in the birth chart.

Conceivably, we can look at the 6th house to determine the potential of profit yielded from pursuing creative endeavors, infers StarsTell, one of the best astrology site providing online astrology prediction/consultation. One can look up for financial astrology online on this authentic astrological site to understand the interpretations and influences of stars and planets.

The ‘Mahadasha’ for good investments

If you have a Rajyogdasha, (Brihaspatimahadasha) in your natal chart, or a Moon-Mars conjunction (Chandra Mangal Yoga), you will experience success in the investments that you make. The success may come to you even if the ruling planets are not ideally placed, saysa Vedic astrologer online on StarsTell.

However, you might experience minimal growth or a drip in the profits that too moderately, he adds. Therefore, harness the significations ruled by the beneficial dasha and see your investments turn to profit. The astrological remedies help reduce the impact of malefic planetary influences in a person’s natal chart, further harnessing the strength of the beneficial planets.

Astrology is transformational in nature, aiding growth, evolving your current self and overcoming limitations. However, a forethought into how you approach your finances is essential to help understand how astrology can best display where your true earnings lie!

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