Astrological Tips to Sleep Better

Astrological and Vaastu Tips to Sleep Better

Astrological Tips to Sleep Better,

As you all know that it is very difficult to be in peace and harmony because of this competitive world and day-to-day problems and challenges in one life.

Due to this current scenario, a major problem is seen in individual life and that is “sleeplessness or insomnia (lack of sleep).

In today’s topic, we will know “HOW TO MAKE OUR SLEEP BETTER” through “ASTROLOGY” AYURVEDA” VAASTU” as all these things are part of JYOTISHA and are interconnected with each other.

First, we will like to know something about sleep, when we take rest and we are in a rejuvenate stage in sleep we give rest to our body and mind.

This process of taking rest is one of the most important factors in our life From astrology/Ayurveda/Vaastu perspective following things are to be watched closely to get better sleep.

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Some Following Tips:-

1. If you are suffering from sleeplessness or lack of sleep then you must get analyses of your 12th house along with the 4th house in your natal chart as 12th house to represent subconscious or unconscious mind along with bed pleasure.

Any affliction on the 12th and 4th house of your chart will promote problems in your sleep pattern. MOON is significant of mind in astrology so if MOON in your chart is afflicted will always give you depression and mental stress and problem and will increase, along with moon; MERCURY & JUPITER position is also responsible for sound sleep. (also to be LOOKED).

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2. If there is any planet that is situated in the above-said houses is “DEBILIATED” “ COMBUST” “MELEFIC” will surely promote bad sleep for you, so it’s better to get proper astrological guidance upon this issue.

3. Meditation Yoga (especially Shav aashan practice) helps you a lot in getting sound and uninterrupted sleep.

4. You can energies water in a vessel, and put it on your bedside near your head (contact “STARS TELL” to know how to energies water) this will surely promote your sleep. Along with it, you can recite Ratri Sookta with Nidra Devi Mantra.

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5. If your rest is disturbed then you can put MISHREE & SAUF in a bowl in your head direction will give you sound and better Rest.

6. Try to avoid electronic gadgets like mobile, TV, and other things as these things represent Rahu and will disturb your sleep due to RADIATION created by these things.

7. Place a picture of LORD GANESHA on the SOUTH wall of your bedroom that will immediately improve your rest.

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8. Keep your head towards SOUTH direction and legs towards NORTH direction as told by our VAASTU Shastra.

9. Wash your hands and legs with clean and freshwater as water represent the moon and this will promote sleep.

10. Your bedroom should be clean and airy, and should not be noisy, wear comfortable and loose clothes.

11. Avoid TAMSIK food before sleep like tea coffee etc.

12. After dinner and before sleepwalking normally 15 to 20 will surely digest your food and promote rest.

13. Consumption of milk and kheer makes the moon strong and helps in better sleep.


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Before sleep will surely provide sound and uninterrupted sleep
So these were few tips to promote sleep and sleep pattern in one life. FALLOW AND ENJOY BETTER REST.

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