12 Top Things to Remember If You Want an Early Marriage

12 Top Things to Remember If You Want an Early Marriage

Marriages are made in heaven but their formalities are completed on earth. For some, marriage happens in time once the bride and the groom enter their marriageable age. And unluckily for some, marriage is always delayed for this or that reason. Once you reach the marriageable age, your parents, peer groups or even relatives start worrying about the right match for you. But match making would be a delayed process if marriage is still absent in your stars. This article has elaborately provided 12 useful tips for unmarried girls or boys so that their dream to tie the nuptial knot becomes true as soon as possible.

Talk to Astrologer

1. Seek help from an astrologer- The first method to find out why there are delays or obstacles in the time of marriage is to seek help from an astrologer and get your horoscope analysed. This will be an easy means for you to find out if there are any Dassa in the Kundli or if the unmarried individual is Manglik.

2. Consult a Vastu expert- Many times a vastu dassa may be one of the reasons for delay or obstacle in getting married. Consulting a Vastu expert will help you find it out.

3. Vastu Shastra Remedy- If there is a defect in the southwest side of your home, it could be a major factor of the delay of marriage. Seek help from a Vastu Shastra expert and sort it out soon.

4. Don’t keep any underground water tank in the southwest part of your home- Keeping an underground water tank in the southwest part of your home will delay any probable marriage in the family. So do no such mistake.

5. Say no to slopes in the southwest region of your home- Having slopes in the southwest region of your home can be a devastating reason for the delay in marriage. So avoid such thing.

6. A strict no-no to having the bedroom for unmarried girls in the southwest- Especially for unmarried girls, never ever have your bedroom in the southwest part of your home. This will become a menacing reason to delay your marriage.

7. Avoid living in the southwest part of the home- Especially for girls always avoid having your room in the southwest part of the home as it may become a reason to delay your marriage.

8. No bedroom door in the southwest- Remember there should not be any door in the southwest part of the girl’s bedroom. This could become a reason in the delay of marriage.9. Go for extreme west part of the home (for unmarried girls)- If you want an early marriage, stay in the extreme west part of your home as it will help you tie the knot pretty soon.

10. Use soothing colours- Use of soothing colours on the walls or ceiling of your home can also be a helpful reason for a quick marriage for the unmarried individuals in a family.

11. Seek vastru remedies as soon as possible (for unmarried boys)- It is always advisable to seek vastru remedy if the boy is reluctant to marry or is not finding a right match.

12. Unmarried guys should sleep in the southeast direction- As per vastu shastra, the southeast part of the home is meant for unmarried guys. So if they want an early marriage, they should stay at this direction of their home.

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