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Personal Astrological Guidance

Your personal Astrologer provides you astrological guidance on the basis of your date, time and place of birth and offers solutions for your problems by their effective remedies. If exact date, accurate time of birth is not known then our learned Astrologers guide you with the help of Question Chart and predicts about your future.

Various Charts and Questions

Astrologers are expert to analyse your horoscope from various angles, like, Hora Chart, Navamsha Chart, Question Chart, Annual Horoscope, ShadBal, etc. You may ask about your past, present and future to get authentic informations.

Favourable Time

Our experienced Astrologers analyses the planetary configurations in the twelve houses in your horoscope, as per the best of their knowledge and precision. Problems related to job, bisuness, love, marriage, family problem, strain in relationships, blessings of children, futile expenditures, monetary constraints, mental tension, pressure of loan, property related disputes etc., are solved with ease.

Advice and Remedy

Our knowledgeable Astrologers help you to face the challenges and obstacles of your life with confidence. NavGrah Dosh Shanti Puja, KaalSarp Dosh Shanti Puja and any other Dosh, present in your horoscope, are able to nullify the negative effects on your life and our expert Astrologers can guide you through troubling times of your life. In addition to this your Birth Constellation, that could be responsible for hurdles in your life, could be analysed and remedies can be advised to neutralise the adversities.

Guaranty of Confidentiality

Your informations are kept absolutely confidential. You may talk to our Astrologers without any hesitations. 100% confidentiality guaranteed.

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Indian Astrology is an age old science of future telling, based on date, time and place of birth of an individual. A famous Astrologer cast the planetary position by the date of birth, and predict about the life of the person as per the rules of Vedic Astrology.

Where time of birth is not known, Astrology by Date of Birth could be tried to predict about the individual, nearly accurate. There are nine planets, who occupy twelve houses of a horoscope, in a very unique manner, to foretell about Education Forecast, Career Analysis, Finance Prediction, Love Astrology, Match Making for Marriage and Health related issues that a person usually counters in his/her life. Apart from the Vedic Astrology Reading, there is a Dasha Sequence of ongoing and forthcoming period, to point out the timing of happening of the events of one’s life.

Indian Astrology covers all the areas of our lives to cater a best feasible solution one is experiencing. Remedy is another most important part used by famous Indian Astrologers, which provides relief from the problems, either entirely or partially. Remedies include gem stones, puja, recitation of mantras, giving alms to an eligible person, and many more. There are different branches of Indian Astrology.

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