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Shivarchana Puja

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Shivarchana - Special Puja on #Mahashivratri 2023

Importance: Every person has a dream to achieve all the pleasures of the world easily, but, it doesn't happen. But it does not mean that it can't be achieved. Our #Vedas and #Puranas, etc., have made many such suggestions religiously and spiritually, so that every apparently impossible thing could become possible. In this way, #ShivMahaPurana explains the importance of #MahashivRatri in detail and explains the #Shivarchan method. On the night of #MahashivRatri, whichever devotee duly #worships in the four ‘Prahar’s, he attains all the happiness of the world, i.e., #job, #business with good #health, #happiness from #kids, good #luck, #dignity, name and fame, many types of materialistic pleasures are also achieved very easily. If you also want to take advantage of this great Mahashivratri #festival, you can consult our learned #Astrologers for detailed information. Additionally, you can also book Shivarchana - Mahashivratri Special #PujaOnline. Click Here to Book Now

Process: To build Panchang Vedi, Navagraha Mandapa, etc., under the supervision of Vedic Scholars, in any one of the four ‘Prahar’s or in a ‘Prahar’, and after the proper resolution of the #Panchang #Gods, invite the Isht #Devta and start worshipping. Then to please Lord #BholeNath(#Shiva), ‘#Abhishekam’ should be performed with cow's milk in the first ‘Prahar’ with sixteen other items, with yogurt(dahi) in the second ‘Prahar’, with ghee in the third ‘Prahar’ and with honey in the fourth ‘Prahar’. And the #ShivLingam should be anointed with water. To extract best results, it is necessary to know the ‘Muhurat’ of every ‘Prahar’ precisely. Because without an appropriate ‘#Muhurat’, the Shivarchana - Mahashivratri Special Pooja becomes fruitless. Our Astrologers strongly suggest doing Shivarchna puja on mahashivratri for great benefits. Click Here to Book Now

Benifits of Mahashivratri Shivarchana Puja

  • Good married life
  • Happiness from kids
  • Good Luck
  • Dignity
  • Name and Fame
  • Many types of materialistic pleasures
  • Get better health

Puja Samagri to be use by us:– Cow Milk, Yogurt(Dahi), Ghee, Honey, Fruits, Sweets, Panchmewa, Bhang, Datura, Chandan, Roli, Mauli, Cotton, Deep, Kapoor, Cardamom, Turmeric, Supari, Rice, Flowers, Sugar, Kesar, Black Sesame Seeds, Gangajal, VeelvaPatra, Dhup, Itra, Janeu, Doone.

  • Duration :- 4-5 hours.

  • #Brahmin :- 1 Brahmin

  • Booking Amt : $ 251$ 101

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