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Navratri Puja: Durga Path 2023

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Navratri Puja: Durga Path 2023

Importance of NavRatri Pujan : NavRatri is a very important nine-day long Hindu festival that celebrates the glory of Goddess Durga. It is believed that worshipping Goddess Durga during NavRatri brings prosperity, salvation, protection, abundance, and victory in all aspects of life.

The nine avatars of Durga Mata that are worshipped during NavRatri are ShailPutri, Brahmacharini, ChandraGhanta, Kushmanda, SkandMata, Katyayani, KaalRatri, MahaGauri, and SiddhiDatri. RamNavami is also celebrated during NavRatri as Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was born on Navami Tithi. Click Here to Book Now

Benefits of NavRatri Durga Pujan :
Praying to Goddess Durga at this time brings you divine grace swiftly. NavRatri Puja has several benefits such as:

  • Reduced economic problems and more wealth.
  • Removal of negative energy from your house.
  • Reduced sorrows and poverty.
  • TUnwanted barriers are removed.
  • Victory over your enemies and problems.
  • Increased moral courage that keeps you away from bad influences.
  • Attaining social recognition and fame.
  • Achieving happiness through having a child.

If you are struggling with economic problems, unwanted sorrows, or facing obstacles, StarsTell is offering NavRatri Durga Puja by experienced Pandits which will remove the obstacles in your path and bring you happiness, success and victory.

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More Information on NavRatri Pujan : Basant NavRatri is the time when we pray to the Goddess Durga in the 9 forms of Shakti. Each year has four seasonal NavRatri out of which only two – Sharad NavRatri and Chaitra NavRatri are considered significant. Chaitra NavRatri, also known as Basant NavRatri, is observed during the spring season and falls during March or April, while the Sharad NavRatri is celebrated in autumn.

Basant NavRatri starts on the first day of Chaitra which is the first month of the Hindu calendar. It is observed during the Shukla Paksha or Full Moon phase in the month of Chaitra. While NavRatri is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the nation, it holds special significance in various states. In Maharashtra, it embarks with the festival of Gudi Padwa. In West Bengal Basant NavRatri coincides with Basanti Puja and it is observed across Assam as Bihu festival also. Praying to Goddess Durga at this auspicious time can bring you lots of joy and prosperity. Click Here to Book Now

NavRatre Durga Pujan Materials: Idol or photo of Durga Mata, Ganesha, clay or copper urn (Lota), Bangles, Bindi, Sarees, matted coconut, coconut ball, roli, mouly, barley-sesame, incense sticks, lamp, Naivedya, Fruits, Sweets, Flowers, Tambul (Beetel Leaves), Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey, etc.

Durga Pujan Vidhi: On the first day of NavRatre, get up early in the morning and prepare for the installation of the Kalash. Establish a temple at the Ishan angle (NorthEast Corner) of the house and make an AshtaDal lotus with flour or turmeric at a pot and place a grain (barley) on it and install the Kalash filled with clean water or GangaJal. Put a coin and place mango leaves and fill the plate (or dona) with rice from the top, then place a matted coconut on top of the Kalash by tying a red cloth or ‘Kalawa’ and fold both your hands and invite all the deities in the Kalash. Then place the statue of Goddess Durga and Ganesh Jee on a wooden platform and put milk, curd, ghee on the seat covering with clothes after bathing with honey and sugar.
Then use the flowers to invite Durga Mata. Then take water in a spoon and offer to the idols thrice, put sandal paste on them and offer a garland of flowers. Then show the incense sticks and ghee lamp and offer all the Gods with delicious dishes or sweets. Offer a betel leaf containing clove after offering seasonal fruits. Offer ‘Dakshina’ as per your capacity and ask for forgiveness. Worship Goddess Durga Mata throughout the day and perform aarti in the evening, chanting "Om Jag Janani Jai Jai" or "Om Jai Ambe Gauri". During the NavRatre Festival, Goddess Durga Mata should be worshipped continuously for nine days in the same order. Click Here to Book Now

Note : At StarsTell we arrange all the materials and get the Puja done on your behalf through our experienced Pandits. Click Here to Book Now

  • Duration :- 3 hours(approximately)

  • #Brahmin :- 3 Brahmin

  • Booking Amt : $ 301$ 151

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