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Sharadiya NavRatri Hawan & Ashtami Pujan 2023

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Basant NavRatri Hawan & Ashtami Pujan 2023

Significance of Basant NavRatri Ashtami Pujan : NavRatri is a holy festival celebrated four times a year with great devotion by Hindus.However, the festival of Chaitra NavRatri is particularly revered and celebrated with great fervor throughout the country. During this festival, nine major forms of Durga Mata are worshipped as different powers or Shaktis.

The festival aims to get rid of unknown sins or troubles and increase the happiness quotient in life. Worshipping Durga Mata, the symbol of power, brings purity to the atmosphere of the house and removes bad thoughts. After fasting or worshipping for nine days, special worship of Mother Bhagwati is done on the day of Navami Tithi, which includes performing Havan, offering food to young girls, and giving Dakshina to the Brahmins. Click Here to Book Now

Benefits of Ashtami Puja :

  • Financial, physical and mental problems are solved.
  • Negative energy of the house is removed and positive energy flows.
  • Attainment of employment, and freedom from debt.
  • Opponents are defeated and morale increases.
  • Progress in business.
  • Child birth and marital happiness.

If you are struggling with economic problems, unwanted sorrows, or facing obstacles, StarsTell is offering NavRatri Durga Puja by experienced Pandits which will remove the obstacles in your path and bring you happiness, success and victory.

Discounted Price:    $ 101$ 51 Click Here to Book Puja Now!

Materials for NavRatri Ashtami Pujan : Idols or photos of Maa Durga and Ganesh Jee, along with other materials such as bangles, bindi, saree, clay or copper kalash, clay sakora, jata-containing coconut, coconut gola, roli, mauli, barley-sesame, incense sticks, ghee lamp, Naivedya, fruit, sweets, flower, betel leaves, milk, curd, ghee, honey, PanchMewa, betel nut, clove- cardamom, dona (container), rice, yellow mustard, turmeric, bhura, PanchRatna, SaptaMrittika, SarvAushadhi, and green doob (grass).

Ashtami Pujan Vidhi: To perform the Pujan Vidhi, one should wake up early on the day of MahaNavami and retire from daily chores. Then, establish a temple in the northeast corner of the house and perform the rituals, such as making an AshtaDal Lotus with flour or turmeric on a post, placing grain (barley) on it, installing a Kalash filled with clean water or Ganga Jal, and so on. After that, one should offer worship to all the Gods with delicious dishes or sweets and show incense sticks and ghee lamps. Apologize for any kind of deficiency in worshipping and ask for forgiveness by offering Dakshina, according to your capacity. Finally, prepare for Havan and chanting special mantras of Durga SaptaShati and perform Aarti, followed by immersion.Click Here to Book Now

Note : At StarsTell we arrange all the materials and get the Puja done on your behalf through our experienced Pandits. Click Here to Book Now

  • Duration :- 3 hours(approximately)

  • Number of Pandits: :- 1

  • Discounted Price: : $ 101$ 51

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