Online Pooja Services

Poojas serve as a lifeline to divine blessings and help us to formalize our faith, our aspirations and our life mission. At, we can organize special online Pooja services for you and your family on auspicious occasions in the inner sanctum of the temple or you can also perform an online Pooja through (sitting anywhere in the world and watch the snapshots and video clips of the Pooja performed on your behalf)… explore today!!

Features of Online Pooja Services:

  • Online Pujas are performed as per authentic Vedic traditions
  • Fully personalized online Pooja performed exclusively and only for your family and you and not as a part of a general or a group Pooja.
  • Additional information sought from you such as spouse’s name, parent’s names, gotra, your family members (son, daughter) and other members you wish to include in the Pooja.
  • children’s names etc. will be held in strict confidence
  • Sponsor online Pooja services on behalf of a parent or a family member in his or her name
  • Full-fledged complete online Poojas with no abbreviations, shortening or length restrictions
  • Highest quality of incense, pooja samagri and flowers used during all our poojas
  • Puja prasad and roli-kumkum will be couriered to you by
  • video streaming coming up soon

The Pooja will be conducted for you by an accomplished Brahmin priest or pundit from our organization who will adhere strictly to the “vidhi” complete with the chanting of Sanskrit ‘Shlokas’ to invoke the blessings of the Almighty for you and your family members.


Ganapati Pooja
Rs. 5000/- View Detail
Saraswati Pooja
Rs. 5000/- View Detail
Lakshmi Pooja
Rs. 5000/- View Detail
Kali Pooja
Rs. 5000/- View Detail
Shani Dosh Nivaran Pooja
Rs. 11000/- View Detail
Nava Graha Shanti Pooja
Rs. 10001/- View Detail
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