Starstell brings to you a wealth of expertise from the realm of Vedic astrology that will provide your life with a clear sense of direction and help you to take difficult decisions effortlessly. Based on the various inputs provided by you, a highly qualified and experienced astro consultant will prepare a fully personalized consultation report that is specific and relevant only to you.

Features of Starstell Reports and Astrological Consultation Services

  • Services provided by highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are the best in the industry and hold degrees in astrology
  • Astro consultation and reporting services provided in all major Indian languages
  • Accurate, reliable and easy-to-follow reports delivered to you in a timely fashion
  • Talk to an Astrologer on the phone by appointment at your convenience
  • Horoscope, kundli, gun matching and chart preparation performed using highest level of astro expertise
  • Comprehensive list of reports with new reports being added constantly

When you provide us with valuable Inputs such as time of birth, date of birth and place of birth, your personal Starstell astrologer will render the astrological consultation service of your choice either through a special report prepared only for you or through one-to-one astro consultation.


Career Forecast 2019
Rs. 2100/- View Detail
Rs. 5101/- View Detail
Lal Kitab Horoscope
Rs. 999/- View Detail
Annual Forecast 2019
Rs. 999/- View Detail
Kundali Matching
Rs. 5100/- View Detail
Finance Forecast 2019
Rs. 2999/- View Detail
Life Report
Rs. 3500/- View Detail
Business Forecast 2019
Rs. 999/- View Detail
Love Forecast 2019
Rs. 999/- View Detail
Shani Sadhesati Report
Rs. 799/- View Detail
Child Report
Rs. 2551/- View Detail
Marriage Report
Rs. 1101/- View Detail
Relationship Analysis Report
Rs. 1100/- View Detail
Astro Diet Report and Consultation
Rs. 750/- View Detail
Order a Horoscope
Rs. 1001/- View Detail
Arrange or Love Marriage Consultation
Rs. 550/- View Detail
Rs. 501/- View Detail
Annual E-Prediction 2019
Rs. 799/- View Detail
Manglik Report
Rs. 751/- View Detail
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