Astro Club Membership

Receive answers to all your questions in a highly personalized and confidential environment through Astro Club Membership programs . Request membership to Astro Club by clicking the Buy Now Button. Once we receive your payment, we will send you a voucher. The code on the voucher is your personal voucher code which will enable you to talk to our renowned experts Astrologers instantly whenever you feel you need the advice from our expert astrologers. There is no restriction on the time limit on validity of the minutes. All your sessions will always remain entirely private and confidential.


Other category of experts Graphologist (Handwriting analysis), Tarot card readers, Numerologist, Reiki, Healing, Yoga and Vastu experts are available on demand (by appointments only).


Astrology is a science which goes deeper and deeper when you really begin to explore it. To help you betterunderstand  the movements of planets and their impact on your life, brings to you the Astro Club membership program. This is an exclusive membership-only club which entitles you to 500 minutes/ or 60 minutes  of consultation and conversation with our expert astrologers on the phone (two options of products available currently).

If you have any product or service which you feel can be complemented by associating with Astro Club Membership program, please feel free to get in touch with our business team through an email


Astro Club Membership
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