Importance :- If Pitri Dosha is present in the horoscope then remedy of this should be performed. During the PitriPaksh in the dark lunar half of Ashwin month of Hindu Calendar, people offer water and perform the ritual of PindDaan, Tarpan to provide relief to the departed soul. This is very much important also. If there is Pitri Dosha present in the horoscope of anyone then troubles starts brewing in his life, one after another. And he suffers a lot in every stage of his life. Like, children related problems, finance related troubles, relationship related dissatisfactions, etc. It is believed that who does not offer water to his ancestors and does not perform the ritual of ‘Tarpan’ Pitri Dosha becomes more effective for them. So, to get rid of this, Shraddh ceremony should be performed as per Hindu rituals. This Puja can be done every month on the new Moon night, on the tithi of Amavasya, also. Shraddh Paksh is considered as the best time to eradicate this ‘Dosha’. How to nullify Pitri Dosha present in horoscope of any individual? Know simple and easy to perform remedies by consulting our learned Astrologer and get proper guidance. And you may book Puja also online.


Special Feature: StarsTell is arranging ‘Pitri Dosh Shanti’ on ‘SarvPitri Amavasya’ during ‘Shraddh Paksh’ on Saturday, 28 September, at the bank of pious Ganga river at Haridwar, by specialised Vaidik Panditji for providing best results to our valuable customers. If you want to take advantage of this ‘Pitri Dosh Shanti’ at the convenience of your home, you may book online at your earliest possible time.


Process of Worship :- After creating Panchang Vedi, NavGrah Mandap etc. and taking proper sankalp of Panchang Gods, invite the Isht God and worship as per the process. Jaap of Pitri Gayatri as per capacity and giving Daan should be performed. So, to get the best result of this one should do it in the right Muhurat. Without the proper Muhurat, Puja becomes fruitless.


Hawan Vidhi :- Dashamsha Hawan of total Jaap, Tarpan and Marjan is very important to perform otherwise there will be no benefit of the Pujan.


Duration :-  1 day is required for this puja.


Brahmin :- 3 Brahmins

Dakshina :- Rs. 11000 Rs. 5100/- only