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Your Ruling Number is 9

Lucky Days

Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Lucky Stone

Topaz, pearl, ruby

Your Description

Number Nine is ruled by Mars

Those with Number Nine are courageous and possess adventurous energy. They were born to fight through adversity to victory. They carry a natural interest in the well-being of the world and do well in fields such as military, environmental organizations, religious orders, veterinary science and other animal/wildlife fields, as well as medicine. They are passionate lovers and believe life is meant to be enjoyed. They are bold and have great fortitude which can carry them through anything. They should learn to forgive more easily and have more patience with the human frailties of others. Meditation will enable them to focus their concentration and to control their anger and to grow towards cosmic consciousness. Those with Number Nine will have some natural gifts with psychic abilities and will do well to learn to utilize their powers for self-healing and for helping others. Although they do not often seek advice, they would do well to ponder advice from older persons and allow the wisdom of their experience to temper their impetuosity. The physical body is a great tool for them, and they would do well to engage in sports (including martial arts) or yoga to keep fit. Those with Number Nine are practical and can bring a good head to business and administration. They can help others learn the importance of self-defense. Red is a colour which brings out natural strength, and they should allow it to appear in their wardrobe on a frequent basis. Those with Number Nine should apply their sense of adventure to spiritual pursuits, which will allow their hearts to open up fully.

Great personalities born under Number One:-

  • Harrison Ford
  • King Nicolas 2nd
  • Shabana Azmi
  • Rahul Roy
  • Sanjeev Kumar
  • Bobby Deol

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