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Vastu Consultation Services for House/ Flat:

The science of Vastu rests mainly on the selection of the land you acquire and the geographical direction of your site. A wise selection can help to turn any piece of land into an auspicious area. By signing up for Starstell Vastu consultation services, you can own the House/ Flat of your dreams. We not only help you with the selection of the right piece of land to construct your House/ Flat but also promise to assist your team of architects in the design and construction of an elegant Vastu compliant House/ Flat. You are just a few steps away from discovering that positive energy and make your House/ Flat paradisaical. We also extend our assistance for the modification of finished structures. So why wait? Register now to claim a free no-obligation initial Vastu consultation and see what our Vastu consultants can deliver.


Product Features

Vastu consultation services will be provided by a senior Vastu Consultant from Starstell under our supervision. Vastu consultation is available in all major metros and most two and three tier cities so please check with us by either calling or writing to us. Additional transportation costs will apply.

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Delivery Direction

It will take a Starstell Vastu Consultant at least seven working days to conduct a thorough assessment of your House/ Flat project and submit a report to you. Price quoted covers an in-depth consultation for one site. Please feel free to write or call any time for more information about our Vastu services, Vastu consultation services, or any of our products and services and we will be happy to provide you with additional information.


For Any Enquiry Please Call Us at +91-85 8800 9900

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