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Shree Vastu Chowki is designed to invoke extra power to a desired place. Similarly, the trishuls (tridents) in each four corners of this Shree Vastu Chowki consolidate the power of holy ShreeYantra and make it a more powerful symbol of supreme divinity as an abode of all the Gods. This Shree Yantra is covered with pyramid. So, it carries the impact of pyramid also. Below this is three dimensional pyramid there is ShreeYantra is placed and that is why it has been rightly termed as ShreeVastu Chowki. The energy of a ShreeYantra is 70 times more than a simple pyramid, therefore, this ShreeVastu Chowki is a very powerful Vastu correction tool. It removes all negative energies from the surrounding area. It has the power of several temples and places of pilgrimages. The mere lsquo;Darshanrsquo; of this ShreeYantra is considered highly auspicious.
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