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Hanuman Mercury: Hanuman is considered most favorite deity in modern times. For quick and fruitful results, one should worship Parad Hanuman idol everyday..! When Mars is placed wrong in ones chart than Parad Hanuman idol (Hanuman Mercury) can be worshiped for attaining good results, prosperity, authority, strength and dominance. It is suggested that one should remain hygienic, religious, clean and pursue strict principles of severity and self control during worshipping Lord Hanuman. It is highly recommended to those who are in serious pain and going through health problems. Prayers to Parad Hanuman is measured most successful achievements of all tasks and overcome all sorts of dangers. Following Mantra should be recited whileworshiping: Hang Hanumate Rudratmakay HungPhutt.

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Size: Small, Big, Panchmukhi Small, Panchmukhi Big Useability: Career, Health, Marriage-Life, Success, Mars-Remedies, Mercury

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