Saraswati Yantra, Sharda Yantra, Framed Saraswati Yantra, Gold Plated, Colourful, Mantra Siddh, Energized, Starstell Framed Colourful Gold Plated Saraswati Yantra - 4 Inch

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Product Description

Saraswati is the creative angel who transforms imagination into reality. She is the one who paints your life with creative thoughts and artistic colors! Creativity is one of the qualities that make you an outstanding performer. When your innovative thinking is powered by knowledge, you will become 'Jack of All Arts'! Goddess Saraswati is the Chief of Education, Knowledge and Creativity; she unearths the finest qualities in you and sharpens your skill sets. Saraswati yantra is energized with geometric patterns that will empower you with the Positive Energy of Saraswati; these positive vibes will gift you with knowledge, mental power and innovative thinking.

Product Features
  • Provides Education & Wisdom.
  • Enhance Creativity & Imagination.
  • Simulates thirst of Knowledge
  • Ensures success in studies.
  • Shows right path and direction to the person.
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