Santan Sukh Dayak Kavach

Santan Sukh Dayak Kavach | ` 3000

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Our kavach is prepared by the combination of 5 Faceted Rudraksh, Ganesh Rudraksh and 9 Faceted Rudraksh. Wearing of this kavach can eliminate all problems that come in the way of Childs birth and the mother is blessed with a healthy child. How to wear it : Wear the kavach in neck on Monday after cleaning it with water and worshippin. Following mantra : Should be recited while wearing:: Om Namah Shaktirupaya Mam Grihe Santaan Sukham Kuru Kuru Swaaha. Useability : Health, Marriage-Life, Children, Family-Prosperity, Kavach
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Santan Sukh Dayak KavachKW01513000 `


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