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Santan Prapti Rudraksha Kavach

Santan Prapti Rudraksha Kavach | ` 8000

Product Description

Our Santan Prapti Rudraksha Kavach is helpful in birth of a child. It is made by the combination of 12 Faced Rudraksh, one faced Rudraksh (Cashewnut shape) and Ganesh Rudraksh. Our 12 faced Rudraksha depicts 12 Adityas, which helps to get child soon. The one faced rudraksh gives child good luck and what they desired. The Ganesh rudraksha helps to remove all the hurdles in his life.

How to wear it: Pour Gangajal, milk, turmeric and yogurt on the Kavach on Thursday morning. Put sandal on it, worship it with dhoop – deep, and attach the Kavach with a chain of gold,silver or with a yellow thread.

Following mantra :   should be recited while wearing: Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudev

Useability :  Health, Marriage-Life, Children, Success, Business-Remedies, Family-Prosperity, Kavach

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Santan Prapti Rudraksha KavachKW01418000 `


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