Nava Graha Shanti Pooja

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Product Description
Nava Graha Shanti Pooja Services The nine planets, collectively known as Nava Graha, impact every aspect of our lives either directly or indirectly at all times. An experienced astrologer can perform an interpretation of which planets are likely to influence your life and well-being based on a scientific reading of your horoscope. the purpose of the Nava Graha pooja is to first identify which of the nine planets are on your side and which are not. The pooja, which is conducted in the form of a yagna, diminishes the negative energies of some of the planets while enhancing the positive aspects of the other planets as they relate specifically to you. The pooja is conducted by an experienced senior pundit or Hindu priest at Starstell in strict accordance with the rites and rituals of the ceremony.
Product Features
The Nava Graha pooja will be performed by a qualified and experienced pundit or Hindu priest based on a precise calculation of the auspicious time ideally suited to conduct the pooja. The pooja service will be conducted remotely under our meticulous supervision. For all pooja services performed by Starstell, the sacrament along with a Yantra of the Deity is sent to you.
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Delivery Direction

The pooja will be performed within three weeks of the date on which we receive instructions from you. We will provide you with details regarding the date and time of the pooja well in advance. Please feel free to write or call any time for more information about the Nava Graha pooja, about our many pooja services or any of our products and we will be happy to provide you with more information.


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