Starstell, Small Money Coin Tree, Money Coin Tree, Starstell Small Money Coin Tree (Polyresin) - 10 cm

Money Coin Tree | ` 399

Product Description
Money Coin Tree is considered as an auspicious symbol in Feng Shui. Feng Shui products are known for their positive impact on our life. This money coin tree is also one of them. This tree provides very beneficial and positive results in terms of money and wealth. It helps to increase natives wealth status and brings good luck and fortune. High quality polyresin material, thin copper wires and golden chinese money coin tree are used to make this wonderful product. You can use this product as decorative showpiece or you can even gift this product to your near and dear ones. This is a great product which you can admire and add to your home decor expecting great results.
Product Features
  • Auspicious symbol of Feng Shui.
  • Brings positive impact on native's life.
  • Provides great results in monetry terms.
  • Improves your home decor by adding charm to it.
  • Can be considered as great gift item for any occassion.
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Money Coin TreeSTP-1741399 `


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