Meru Shri Yantra, Shri Yantra, Panch Dhatu Shri Yantra, Asht Dhatu Shri Yantra, Mantra Siddh Shri Yantra, Energized, Activated, Starstell Mantra Siddh Pran Pratishthit Mix Metal Meru Shri Yantra Spiritually Energized by Pt. Ved Prakash

Meru Shri Yantra |  $ 101.00

Product Description
Starstell presents heavy mix metal made Shri Yantra. This yantra is specially spiritually energized by our Pt. Ved Prakash Ji. Shri Yantra has its own importance in the Hindu religion. Shri Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful Yantras, which not only gives the maximum benefit, but also proves beneficial for almost everybody. It is the source of attaining all worldly desires and fulfilling all wishes through inner cosmic powers. Shri Yantra - Shri meaning wealth and Yantra - Meaning Instrument - The Instrument for Wealth, the Shri Yantra brings about material and spiritual wealth. Shri Yantra has that unexplained power to fulfill all our wishes and change our life for the better.
Product Features
  • Solution to all our problems and negativity in our life.
  • Helps to achieve much greater affluence, peace and harmony.
  • Helps us to grow better in terms of both spiritually and materialistically.
  • Source of supreme energy and magnificient magnetic powers.
  • Dimensions: 3" (L) x 3" (W) x 2.5" (H)
Item Name Item Code Item Quantity Total Price
Meru Shri Yantra STP-134 1 $ 101.00


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