Mangal Yantra Locket

Mangal Yantra Locket | ` 750

Product Description
Wearing this locket will be helpful in coping up with anxiety and stress. Often we tend to worry regarding a significant task thinking whether it will be successful or not. This locket is helpful in attaining success in all you endeavours. How to Use? Chant the Siddhi Vinayak Mantra before this yantra. Material :Silver Size :None Purpose :Career, Health, Income, Marriage-Life, Success, Mars-Remedies, Aries-Moon-Sign, Scorpio-Moon-Sign, Aries-Ascendant-Sign, Cancer-Ascendant-Sign, Leo-Ascendant-Sign, Scorpio-Ascendant-Sign, Sagittarius-Ascendant-Sign, Locket
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