Mandarin Duck, Double Duck, Love Birds Showpiece, Feng Shui, Valentine Gift, Anneversary Gift, Wedding Gift, STARSTELL Feng Shui Laughing Buddha with Children or Kids Showpiece - 10 cm

Mandarin Duck |  $ 101.00

Product Description
The Mandarin ducks are the most popular, well known and widely used traditional feng shui cure for love. Note the word traditional, or classical feng shui, which means that a cure is based on culturally specific images, symbols and overall historical use. Does that mean that you should use the Mandarin ducks as a feng shui cure if you are looking to attract a love partner? It depends on you. The best answer is this: Choose the Mandarin ducks as a feng shui cure to attract love only if you genuinely, completely and absolutely feel the energy of love and devotion when you look at them.
Product Features
  • Promotes Attraction
  • Promotes Devotion
  • Act as a symbol of Love
  • Made from Polyresin
  • Weight - 150 grams
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Mandarin Duck STP-131 1 $ 101.00


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