Lajwart Locket

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The lajwart locket is used as a Talisman and is made of Lapis Lazuli, the substitute of the gemstone Blue Sapphire. Wearing this locket ensures good health, pleasure, love, devotion, intuition, protection and courage for the wearer. Besides it is also found to be helpful in enhancing mental condition as well as physical, emotional and spiritual upliftment. How to wear? The stone must weigh around 8 to 13 carats in weight and it should be worn on any Saturday around your neck. If you are wearing it as a ring then it should be worn in your middle finger with Silver. Chant the following Mantra while wearing it- Om Praang Preeng Praung Sah Shaneshcharay Namah. Material:Stone Size:None Purpose:Career, Health, Success, Saturn-Remedies, Sadesati-Remedies, Capricorn-Moon-Sign, Aquarius-Moon-Sign, Taurus-Ascendant-Sign, Gemini-Ascendant-Sign, Virgo-Ascendant-Sign, Libra-Ascendant-Sign, Capricorn-Ascendant-Sign, Aquarius-Ascendant-Sign, Locket
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