Starstell, Decorative Bell, Hanging Bell, Bell with Chain, Brass Bell with Chain, Starstell Brass Made Colourful Decorative Hanging Bell with Chain - 6 Inch

Hanging Bell with Chain |  $ 101.00

Product Description
Starstell presents colourful decorative hanging pooja bell with chain. The bell makes an enlightening and rich sound which incorporates Aum in it. Aum is the basis of all sounds or notes. A bell is rung with the desire indicating the invocation of divinity so that virtuous and noble forces enter and the demonic and evil forces depart from within. This bell is made up of high quality thick brass metal with a colourful and decorative design on the outer side of the bell. This bell can be easily hanged in your home temple with the help of long brass metallic chain.
Product Features
  • Invokes the internal power of Aum.
  • Ward off evil and negative energies.
  • Creates a soothing and positive feeling.
  • Mainly used for worshipping purpose.
  • Considered as an auspicious symbol.
Item Name Item Code Item Quantity Total Price
Hanging Bell with Chain STP-027 1 $ 101.00


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