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Product Description
Ganapati Pooja Serviceby In ancient Vedic Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha whom we also make reference to as Lord Ganapati, is referred to as the elephant-headed God. Prayers are offered to Lord Ganesha prior to the commencement of any new activity such as the launch of a new business, moving into a newly constructed home, attending a new school or college, etc. This pooja is considered extremely auspicious as it bestows upon the event immense blessings in order to ensure its success. Lord Ganesha is the God who helps overcome obstacles and barriers in our lives. He is also known as the supreme Lord of power and wisdom. Ganapati pooja, in which Ganapati Homa is performed, is considered the standard way to perform Ganapati pooja. It is organized by many on a regular basis once each year to bring in as well as sustain the familyrsquo;s health, wealth and prosperity. From a therapeutic standpoint, if you are told by a qualified astrologer that you are running Ketu dasa or bhakti or are afflicted with Ketu dosha, Ganapati pooja is highly recommended for you. The pooja is performed at dawn and Poornahuthi is offered during sunrise.
Product Features
The Ganapati pooja will be performed by a qualified and experienced pundit or Hindu priest based on a precise calculation of the auspicious time ideally suited to conduct the pooja. Ganapati pooja will be performed by a pundit or holy Indian priest with prior experience of conducting Ganapati poojas. The pooja service will be conducted remotely under our meticulous supervision. For all pooja services performed by Starstell, the sacrament along with a Yantra of the Deity is sent to you.
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Delivery Direction

The pooja will be performed within three weeks of the date on which we receive instructions from you. Please book your request for Ganapati pooja at least one month in advance if you would like the Ganapati pooja to be performed on Ganesha Chaturthi day. We will provide you with details regarding the date and time of the pooja well in advance. Please feel free to write or call any time for more information about the Ganesha pooja, about our many pooja services or any of our products and we will be happy to provide you with more information.


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