Starstell, Feng Shui Fish,Starstell Fengshui Vastu 3 Inch Colourful Double Fish Showpiece for Victory & Success

Double Fish |  $ 101.00

Product Description
Starstell presents 3 Inch colorful double fish with dragon gate. This is a great fengshui showpiece which symbolizes victory and success. Made from resin and featuring a beautiful design, this fish showpiece will bring good luck and prosperity to your home.It is seen as a symbol of determination and strength. Also, the Carp swims upstream by repeatedly jumping out of the water and towards the heavens - this is a representation of an attainment of ambitions and aspirations.The Feng Shui Carp brings many other benefits, including educational luck, enhancement of marriage quality, good fortune and luck in literary pursuits. With all these advantages, you will be able to overcome any obstacles in your way, as well as overthrow any competition.Meterial: Resin.Size: 3 x 2.75 inch .
Product Features
  • Enhance positive energy.
  • Bring victory & success in all aspects.
  • Helps in attaining goals and ambitions.
  • Made from polyresin.
  • Size : 3 x 2.75 Inch
Item NameItem CodeItem QuantityTotal Price
Double Fish STP-061 1 $ 101.00


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