Crystal Rock Pyramid, Rock Pyramid Showpiece, Vastu, Feng Shui, Fengshui, Crystal, Pyramid, Starstell Vastu Feng Shui Crystal Rock Pyramid Showpiece - 5 cm

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Product Description
Pyramid Healing is both the idea and the art of healing the body, the mind, and the spirit of an individual by utilizing universal energy, properly aligned and magnified by the geometric and sacred form of the pyramid and by the further amplification and correct manipulation of the energy utilizing naturally occurring minerals and crystals found on Earth, or brought here by meteors and asteroid impacts eons into the past. Pyramids are the most impressive structures built by man more than 5,000 years old. The pyramid shape itself is a supernatural source of power and energy. There is power in the pyramid shape which is believed to have a generally balancing effect on the electromagnetic field of the body. Pyramids are used for charging Crystals, meditation, distant healing, massage, acupuncture, and Reiki. Pyramids can help us in correction of Vastu.
Product Features
  • Distant Healing.
  • Energy Utilization
  • Helps in Meditation
  • Used for Massage
  • Used in Accupuncture
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