Starstell, Vastu, Feng Shui, Crystal, Education Tower, Crystal Education Tower, Starstell Vastu Feng Shui 7 Level Pagoda Crystal Education Tower for Learning Benefits - 15 cm

Crystal Education Tower | ` 799

Product Description
The Education Tower is said to possess certain powers, which helps to transform unruly minds into well-disciplined minds. It is a concentration enhancer for those who wish to achieve academic success. The Education Tower has evolved from the Buddhist stupa, which is considered as a sacred object. You can place a Education Tower on the Childss Study Table to increase his concentration in studies and also to reduce his distraction. This Tower is said to have the power to keep away anything that could distract the mind. It is very useful for children with distractive minds and for those who lack proper concentration. The best place to keep the Tower is North East corner of the childs room or Study Table. We can also place a Education Tower on ones work desk to increase career luck in the office. Auspicious Chi gathering around the tower will energize the person who work at that table making one feeling fresh and alert during his work. This will increase work efficiency and productivity, thereby increasing chances of career enhancement and work recognition.
Product Features
  • Increase Learning Power
  • Increase Concentration
  • Increase Grasping Power
  • Enhance Knowledge
  • Develops Creativity
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